Corrupting Culture / Willful Delusion Case

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Half & Half case containing three Corrupting Culture Into Industry 4-packs and three Willful Delusion of False Perception 4-packs.

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Willful Delusion of False Perceptions 4-pack

This New-American Hoppy ale was inspired by our observations of the New-Alternative Delusions of this self-obsessed frenzied culture...and with our extreme efforts to infuse objectivity into all aspects of our craft, alienation is a perpetual inevitability. As surely as the transient perceptions of slouching minds dictate cultural patterns en masse, we will all swallow with ease this delicious, silken liquid, and breathe deeply the quirky hipness of hot new aromas like tropical flowers, red berries, and candied citrus fruits imparted by the Mosaic & Topaz hops. Take the path of least resistance: a satisfied ego is all important, no?

6.5% ABV

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Corrupting Culture Into Industry - 4pack

Realities which can't be escaped drive us to create this pillowy it we bring together Citra, Centennial, and El Dorado hops with creamy oats and fluffy wheat to create silky smooth liquid with the intense aromatic character of dank pineapple, candied grapefruit pulp, fresh cut grass, and pine resin. We drink and embrace, but society comes to loathe what we inevitably create. Inspired by the words and sounds of a great visionary poet of our time MC Dalek: "I'll bide my time with scrolls and ancient's wine. Heady brew left mark on this hazy scribe. If stars align I suppose even the blind will see, How they stole our last voice, Corrupted culture into Industry".

6.9% ABV

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